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Always wanted to play this game and im so glad I did! 

Would so be obsessed with a paid version that had more drink variations and more characters!! This game was great and the drink looked so good (art wise lol)

I am so curious as to what actually happened, it does remind me of an 80's flick that had body altering alcohol though 

Good Game!

Closing at 2 tem uma histrória curta e motivante, nesse pouco tempo acompanhando o bartende vemos freguese e como misteriosamente eles vão ficando assustadores, minha experiencia foi pela metade posso se dizer não sei se foi o meu computador ou oq mas em uma parte do jogo ele simplesmte travou. 

pretty good game, nailed the spookiness of the chars! 


Ngl kinda hot


real henry is so,,

Como concepto de juego me ha parecido interesante, me gustó.

I also made a no commentary version.

Covered this one in my Jan. 2024 recap of best recent indie horror games.  Great job guys!  :)

Great concept for a game, had fun with the story and making the drinks. Would like to see a bigger game with an expanded story and a different ending but overall, pretty good.

Doesn't load, I get a blank window and then nothing. Shame, I was looking forward to this. Win version.


this game reminded me how forgetful i am

The win downloadeable  version didn't work 

I really loved the concept of this game and how the horror element was a gradual process. Also, mixing the drinks was a massive bonus! My only issue is the game did freeze a few times. 

this game is the best visual novel on this platform 

As soon as I'm done shaking, the game might just freeze and I can't continue playing. It's very sad, so I stopped playing. Please, fix this issue

Are you able to download it


The game is good and has a good art style, and gameplay. That's it. That's all i could find that i liked. The recipes are messed up. I make the drink correctly and it comes out as eyes, worms, and shrek's shit. I follow the instructions, still comes out like bigfoot's wife's abortioned child, or it spills. The reset button didn't work so i couldn't reset when i messed up. These seriously need to be fixed.

Great game! I love the artstyle, especially as each customer decays more and more, you created some truly beautifully creepy cg's! I have discovered though, that I make an atrocious bartender.

Really fun game, you did an amazing job!

fun cool game ! I now know how to mix drinks LOL

Can someone give me tips? Every time i make a drink it comes out wrong. I follow the instructions,hit the green but then it “spills”? Or just comes out like dirt or whatever it is

ya gotta listen to the customers, extra zest means extra orange peel, pat attention to the words

Love the art, a lot! I like the mixing sequences, it reminds me of some of my fav games (cooking mama comes to mind!). The slow progression of horror is quite fun. The highlight of the game for me is absolutely the art, I'm a big fan of the pixelated style and the body/grunky horror as the bodies.. fall apart? What a fun experience, thank you for the game!

This game is truly something terrifying! I love the art and I think that it really brings out the creep factor! Shout out to the Dev for doing pixel art! I know how hard it is to do myself lol. I hope you guys like this video and I plan to get out the video of me finishing it soon! If you like this and wish to see more of my content don't hesitate to check out a channel and leave a sub! I would really appreciate a comment for the video as well, give me your thoughts and tell me what I could do better so I can improve my content for ya'll. Enjoy!

the game keep glitching


really good game! for some reason it keeps keeping frozen, or lagged whenever henry guy comes back a 3rd time.  


it does the same thing to me




it's not even opening for me. any way i can fix this?

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my review:
the good-
great game I really like the slow build up to the horror part of the game, and the foreshadowing that is being told in our lines. making drinks was fun and taking away the handholding (no spoilers) when you need it the most was a great choice.
the bad-
the horror part was good but why? what's the reason? what's the cause of it? these questions create a void in the story.


i dont know what zesty means :(


zest = orange peel but like shredded (just add more peel & you'll be fine)


Good game with a few bugs. like and sub if you could please :)

Awesome little game, I loved it a lot 10/10 

Is this what happens when you are overworked?

You know, I almost was a bartender at one point!

Kinda glad I'm not.

Some times it shows that my orders wrong even when i follow the exact recipe and dont mess up the shake minigame, idk if this is a glitch but its not letting me get past the third mojito even with the 2x lime juice and 2x mint

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I loved ittt :3

Hello, I played this game and I really enjoyed it! Good work :)


This was such a creepy game! It reminded me of Coffee Talk and it was well done! Would love to see a longer version of this as things get creepier and creepier over time, but this did a good job as a short experience as well!

I did find a bug where I couldn't progress when I had to do the drinks without the help of the game, and it was just stuck at the shaker scene, then just rolled back to being able to click on things in the background. Refreshing the page and starting again did not solve this either.

Plus I thought that the event for clicking on the green space for the mixing part of the mini game could have had a larger invisible buffer, because the shaker was too big to see where it would exactly land and even though I landed, what I thought was successfully multiple times, it didn't take it and failed the drink which got frustrating fast.

Other than that, the story was interesting and though I couldn't finish it due to the bug, would love to see more if this was ever expanded upon. Loved the environment and it was very fun!

It's five o'clock somewhere and it is crazy at this bar!! I loved the game I hope to see another one or some more like it! I liked the concept of the bartending horror aspect!

This game is awesome and a good InSite to working at a Bar.

What an incredibly creepy game! I will never make a drink wrong ever again!
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